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Sara Turbyfill Photography & Design

Red-Winged Blackbird Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Red-Winged Blackbird Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

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Find solace in the beauty of nature with this stunning Red-Winged Blackbird Gallery-Wrapped Canvas by wildlife photographer Sara Turbyfill. Designed to bring the colorful outdoors into your living room or home office, this red-winged blackbird art piece captures the essence of this majestic bird in its natural habitat. The blackbird featured in this photograph rests on a cattail near a frozen pond. Even in the dead of winter, this beautiful bird brings vibrant hues of red and yellow to its surroundings, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Crafted with premium, high-quality materials, this gallery wrap canvas features a vibrant and lifelike depiction of this iconic passerine. This picture of a red-winged blackbird comes printed on a premium fine art gallery-wrapped canvas with black edges. You cannot see the black edges when looking at the canvas straight on. Black edges are only visible from a side angle when looking at the canvas. The gallery wrap is covered in a semi-gloss finish to ensure rich colors and protect the canvas from dust and residue. 

This Red-Winged Blackbird Gallery-Wrapped Canvas comes as a complete piece with a polished look. Therefore, you can hang this piece without the need for a traditional frame. Black backing covers the back of the canvas to close any gaps and provide a finished look. Sawtooth hangers are also located on the back of the gallery wrap to ensure easy hanging.

Available in several sizes, this red-winged blackbird art piece can fit in a variety of rooms regardless of size or style. Although this piece serves as a decorative accent, it also offers a connection to nature and is a reminder that we need to protect our wildlife. Elevate your home or office with this unique bird print that showcases the elegance of the red-winged blackbird in its natural habitat. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or you simply appreciate fine art photography, this stunning piece is sure to enchant you for years to come.

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