Huntsville State Park Photos

Barn swallow featured in Huntsville State Park photos by Sara Turbyfill.

Photography at Huntsville State Park

Growing up near Houston, one of my favorite places to visit as a kid was Huntsville State Park. The state park is located about 6 miles southwest of Huntsville, TX. It has over 2,000 acres of dense forest, dozens of hiking trails, and a large lake. When I got older, I returned to the park on several occasions to enjoy camping, hiking, and wildlife photography. This page features my Huntsville State Park photos.

Because of the dense forests, hundreds of native Texas animals take refuge there. Common animals spotted at Huntsville State Park include American alligators, eastern gray squirrels, opossums, and white-tailed deer. The forest also attracts a wide variety of birds. Visitors often report sightings of barn swallows, barred owls, pileated woodpeckers, and red-headed woodpeckers.

Due to the diversity of wildlife found at the park, it’s no surprise that Huntsville State Park attracts thousands of wildlife enthusiasts each year. The park provides visitors with unique opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife photography throughout the year. 

Volunteer for Texas Parks and Wildlife

To conclude, Huntsville State Park offers one-of-a-kind opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to observe native animals in the wild. Visitors regularly report sightings of American alligators, pileated woodpeckers, and red-headed woodpeckers. The park also offers a wide range of outdoor activities for anyone to enjoy. Popular activities include fishing, geocaching, horseback riding, kayaking, and swimming.

Even though I created this page to showcase my Huntsville State Park photos, I’d like to take a second to emphasize how important it is to volunteer at your local state park. Texas Parks and Wildlife offers dozens of volunteer opportunities for participants of all ages. Volunteer categories range from boating and conservation education to wildlife and community service. For more information about Huntsville State Park or to learn how you can volunteer at a Texas park near you, check out the resources below.


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