Aspen Tree of Life Logo Design

Painted Aspen Properties, LLC logo design.
  • Aspen tree of life logo design for Painted Aspen Properties, LLC.
  • Painted Aspen Properties, LLC logo design branding reference sheet.

When I started out as a freelance graphic designer, my first project was an aspen tree of life logo design. I worked with a client to create a custom logo design featuring elements of an aspen tree and a tree of life. The client requested that the logo include a heart at the center of the tree. They also requested that the tree have yellow, green, and orange leaves.

Before starting the design process, I exchanged several emails with the client as I do with all my projects. The client provided me with several images and designs to use as reference material. After several emails, I better understood the client’s expectations and started the design process.

I created several logo designs in Adobe Illustrator and sent a proposal to the client. The client reviewed the proposal and requested changes. After reviewing the client’s requests, I made adjustments to the logo design accordingly. I continued this process several more times until the client was completely satisfied with the final product.

Once I received approval from the client, I exported the approved logo designs as high-resolution images and vector files. Vector files can be scaled to any size without losing image quality or creating a pixelated blur. This page features the final graphics for this logo design. If you’d like to see the steps I took in designing this logo, click the button below.


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