Aransas National Wildlife Refuge Photos

Six-lined racerunner lizard photographed in Texas.

Photography at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

While living in Texas, I visited Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on several occasions. The refuge is home to hundreds of Texas wildlife species, including the American alligator and javelina. In addition, the wildlife sanctuary plays a pivotal role in the American wildlife conservation movement in its efforts to preserve the endangered whooping crane population. This page features my Aransas National Wildlife Refuge photos.

Due to the abundance of animals, the refuge is a popular wildlife photography destination. Year-round residents include the coyote, Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, raccoon, and six-lined racerunner. There are several hiking trails and observation towers located throughout the refuge, providing visitors with some of the best wildlife photography opportunities.

In addition to wildlife photography, visitors also come to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge to enjoy birdwatching. More than 400 bird species are spotted at the refuge throughout the year. Common sightings include the black-crowned night heron, Caspian tern, great blue heron, and mourning dove. Every year, visitors are gifted with a unique opportunity to see one of the rarest birds in North America – the whooping crane. From November through March, whooping cranes migrate to the refuge to spend the winter months enjoying warmer weather.

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To summarize, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to enjoy birdwatching and wildlife photography. Visitors can observe several hundred animal species at the refuge throughout the year, including the American alligator, javelina, and the endangered whooping crane. In addition, the refuge offers a wide range of other outdoor activities, including biking, hiking, and fishing.

Although I created this page to show off my Aransas National Wildlife Refuge photos, I’d like to note how important it is to preserve our National Wildlife Refuges. National Wildlife Refuges like this one help preserve endangered species, like the whooping crane. If it wasn’t for these dedicated wildlife sanctuaries and the endless efforts of the USFWS, some of our endangered species would no longer be here. Therefore, it’s imperative that we do everything in our power to protect these lands. For more information about Aransas NWR or to learn how you can get involved, check out the resources below.


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