Black Labrador Retriever posing for Denver dog photographer Sara Turbyfill.

Denver Dog Photographer: Capturing Special Moments with Your Furry Friends

Having trouble capturing those special moments with your furry friends? My name is Sara Turbyfill and I’m a Denver dog photographer specializing in pet portraits. Throughout the years, I’ve worked with dozens of clients to capture precious memories of them and their dogs. I’m here to help you do the same!

I offer my pet portrait photo sessions at some of the most affordable prices in the city. My photography packages start at just $200, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Continue reading for more information about my services and a list of questions you should ask before your dog portrait photo session.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Dog Photographer

Hiring a Denver dog photographer can be a daunting task. Before hiring a photographer, it’s important to ask a lot of questions. When you first start looking, you might not know what questions to ask. Therefore, I’ve listed several top questions clients should ask before hiring a Colorado dog photographer.

Red dog featured in dog portrait photos by Sara Turbyfill.

What Should I Bring to My Dog Portrait Photo Session?

If you’d like pictures of your dog looking directly at the camera, you’ll need to bring a few things with you to your photo shoot. The first thing I tell clients to bring with them is treats. Treats give dogs an easy distraction so the photographer can get to work capturing photos. It provides dogs with an incentive to behave and look to their owner for the next command in hopes of receiving a tasty snack. This is especially helpful when the owner wants individual shots of their dog because they can stand directly behind the photographer. In return, this helps the photographer capture the dog looking directly into the camera.

Secondly, I tell clients to bring at least one toy with them. Depending on the dog, a squeaky toy can be a great distraction. When dogs hear the noise of their favorite toy, they’re prompted to turn their heads around to find the noise. This gives the photographer an opportunity to capture the perfect shot. However, it’s important to note that this might not work for all dogs. Sometimes squeaky toys can cause more harm than good during a photo session. In that case, it’s a good idea to bring a dog toy that doesn’t make a sound but is sure to get a reaction out of your dog.

Three dogs photographed by Denver dog photographer Sara Turbyfill.

Is There Anything Else I Should Bring?

I tell clients to bring a few extra items just in case. I always recommend that clients bring water and a bowl. This helps ensure the dog’s safety by keeping them fully hydrated during our session. I also tell clients to bring an old blanket with them. Having a blanket around comes in handy when the dog needs to lie down on the dirty ground. And, don’t forget the lint roller! If you’re planning on taking photos with your dog, bringing a lint roller is essential. Even though we all love our furry friends, no one wants a photo of themselves covered in dog hair. A few brushes of the lint roller can reduce editing time drastically.

How Much Does a Denver Dog Photographer Cost?

As mentioned earlier, I offer affordable portrait photography sessions starting at just $200 an hour. The hourly rate includes local travel, the hour-long photoshoot, editing, and a digital download link to 50 edited images. To clarify, local travel includes any photo location that’s within 25 miles of the 80112 zip code. An additional $50 travel fee will be applied for every 25 miles beyond this.

I offer my Denver dog photography packages in 3 tiers, ranging from a 1-hour session all the way up to 3-hours. Each package includes local travel, the photo session, editing, and a digital download link to the edited photos. Unless otherwise stated, I promise to turn around the finished images within 10 days of the photo session.

Black Labrador Retriever featured in dog portrait photos by Sara Turbyfill.

What Rights Will I Have to the Photos?

Upon completion of the photo session, you’ll have the freedom to post your dog photos on social media or print off as many as you’d like without restrictions. Since I have a photo printer, I also offer my printing services to clients starting at $0.75 a print. However, clients aren’t required to order their prints from me. You’re welcome to get your photos printed on your own wherever you’d like.

Brown and red dog posing for a picture at Lookout Mountain in Colorado.

Hire a Denver Dog Photographer

To conclude, hiring a dog photographer in Denver can be intimidating. In an industry that’s in high demand, it’s important to ask the right questions so you’re prepared for your photo session. For instance, it’s important to ask your photographer what items to bring with you, like doggie treats and a squeaky toy. These 2 items are great distractions for the dogs and can help your photographer capture the perfect shot. Also, it’s always a good idea to confirm the full cost of the photo session and what you’re receiving upfront. This way, you won’t be caught off guard when presented with an invoice.

If you’re interested in hiring a Denver-based dog photographer, my packages start at just $200 an hour. Click the buttons below to book a free consultation or check out my dog portrait photos portfolio.

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